Die Corrector

  (#12440) - LA
Industry: Aluminum

An aluminum extrusion plant is looking for a die corrector.


1. Directly involved with aluminum extrusion tool design.
2. Troubleshoots without guidance.
3. Directs extrusion and die shop personnel.
4. Possess a solid understanding of aluminum extrusion press and metal flow processes.
5. Understands and provides guidance with extrusion press tooling.
6. Performs basic welds and operates Bridgeport mill to make repairs on aluminum extrusion dies.
7. Understands the use of die bearing squares.
8. Reads and interprets blueprints and AEC tolerancing.
9. Provides advanced support to aluminum extrusion press processes.
10. Completes initial ISIR.
11. Maintains open lines of communication with Die Makers.
12. Takes direction from Die Manager and provides teaching and support to the Die Corrector trainees’ positions.
13. Directs the activities of the die set-up personnel.
14. Assist in maintaining all die records.
15. Orders dies and tooling as needed.
16. Polishes dies and has them ready for set-up following established schedule.
17. Ensures that all tooling is maintained properly.
18. Ensures that all extruded material is dimensionally correct.
19. Evaluates proposed new shapes and advises management of extrudability.
20. Assists press lead people in productions as needed.
21. Assists in coordinating daily production.
22. Works within the guidelines of the quality program.
23. Assists in daily operation of caustic area. Maintains schedule, adding and removing of extrusion dies.  Maintains safe work practice while using Caustic.
24. Insures good housekeeping in work area.
25. Reports problems or accidents to management immediately.
26. Gives proper consideration to safety on each job and abides by all company safety rules, policies, and procedures.
27. Performs related work as required.


Must have direct die set-up and die knowledge as it pertains to the aluminum extrusion press.  Ability to communicate using all forms of written, verbal, and electronic communication tools.  Able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  Must be able to read blueprints.
• Education:  High school or GED.  Trade school and/or apprenticeship with a die corrector preferred.
• Experience:  At least 3 years of experience as die corrector or 3 years as  apprentice.

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