CNC Programmer

  (#12551) - TX
Industry: Aluminum

An aluminum extrusion plant is looking for a CNC/CMM programmer.


•  Prepare programs for 3, 4, & 5 axis CNC machines from models, prints, sketches, written specifications or verbal instruction.
• Determine best method to machine parts to print that will reduce or eliminate operator inconsistencies, part variation, and yield quoted cycle times.
• Design custom work holding/fixturing to effectively hold material while allowing for material variation and ease of load and unloading operations.
• Determine correct type and size of tools, machine speeds, and feed rates according to the shape of the material and what is needed to be removed.
• Determine reference points, machine cutting paths and the sequence of machine operations.
• Ability to create prints for work holdings, fixtures, and custom tools as needed.
• Ability to create set-up sheets in Excel for set-up personnel to follow for proper set-up and processing of parts as programmed.
• Ability to trouble shoot issues with set-ups and production of CNC machines
• Develop and implement procedures designed to eliminate operating issues while improving product quality.
• Ability to accurately measure parts to print to validate accuracy of programs and production


• Must be able to perform essential job duties
• Proficient with Master am, Solidworks, and G-code.
• Able to setups and run 3 axis Haas machines
• Must be able to work in the quick turnaround /quick response environment of a job shop, communicate well with others
• Strong attention to detail, prioritization, strong sense of urgency and organization skills.
• Knowledge of cutting tools and machining parameters.
• Able to read and interpret prints including geometric dimensioning and tolerance.
• Able to use precision measuring equipment, calipers, micrometers, height gage, etc.
• Skill in hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity
• Plus knowledge with 3,4, & 5 axis Mazak, Emmegi, and CMS machines.


• Trade school certification in programming with emphasis in operation of CNC preferred
• Experience working with programmable machines and running different types of machines; or a combination of education and experience providing equivalent knowledge

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