Job Results

Tool Steel Sales (#11829) - Pittsburgh, PA

Post-Forge / Finishing Supervisor (#11802) - Chicago, IL
Supervisory position in Closed Die Forging

Quality Systems Engineer (#11871) - OH
Quality position with a Closed Die Forger

Maintenance Manager (#11953)

EHS Coordinator (#11843) - Midwest

Design Engineer (#11951) - KY
Design position with a Closed Die Forger.

Assistant Maintenance Manager (#11909) - KY
Maintenance leadership position in a Closed Die Forging environment.

Quality Manager (#11513) - Chicago, IL
Quality Mgr position in an Aerospace Forging environment.

Maintenance Manager (#11610) - Michigan
Maintenance Manager position at a Close Die Forge Shop.

Quality Manager (#11609) - Michigan
Quality Mgr in a TS16949 environment

Maintenance Superintendent (#11514 ) - Chicago, IL
Maintenance supervision role.

Production Supervisor - Open Die Forging (#11419) - Northeast
2nd Shift Pr