Warehouse Manager

  (#7382) - Georgia
Industry: Transportation and Distribution
Industry: Warehousing and Logistics

The Warehouse Manager is responsible for the overall performance of the warehouse including operations, customer service, office operations, engineering/maintenance and production scheduling.


Job Title:  Warehouse Manager

Reporting Relationship:

Reports to:   Vice President Operations

Supervises:  Plant Superintendent, Office Staff, Chief Engineer


Job Summary:


The Warehouse Manager is responsible for the overall performance of the warehouse including operations, customer service, office operations, engineering/maintenance and production scheduling.


The Warehouse Manager plans, organizes, staffs, directs and controls all office, warehouse and maintenance activities. The selection, development and motivation of all warehouse employees are key responsibilities. The Warehouse Manager is accountable for achieving prescribed company objectives in regard to cost, productivity, customer service and profits.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities:


Operations: Ensures the development of systems and procedures for operating and managing the facility, human resources, equipment and products in a profitable manner. Plan, direct, and implement warehouse operations and administrative support to meet prescribed productivity and service goals.

Operates in compliance with federal, state and local statutes.

Labor Management: Directs the operations of the warehouse team to achieve prescribed objectives. Develop and maintain a productive work team by creating programs for hiring, training and professional development. Match the skill and background of personnel to work required. Apply sound communication and motivational techniques, create programs to supervise, counsel and discipline subordinates. Recognizes discipline and confrontation techniques are a positive means to provide feedback to individuals.

Management Information Systems: Advise the MIS Department of the necessary information system required for unique or special applications consistent with the goals to maximizing warehouse efficiency. Follows up to verify system installation on an as needed basis.

Customer Service: Assure that customer accounts receive prompt, efficient service from the office and warehouse staff. Maintain appropriate contact with all accounts and respond promptly to all requests when required.

Marketing and Sales: Participate with the Company sales force in planning new account strategies. When requested, prospects for new accounts, make sales calls, develop and quote rates and close sales.


Budgeting: Develop and recommend an annual operations budget. Develop and manage a system of controls to ensure that service levels and operational performance goals are met with  prescribed cost, revenue and profit  parameters.

Equipment and Facilities: Recommend equipment required to assure efficient operation and meet Company profit goals. Develop suitable programs for maintaining Company standards for sanitation, maintenance, security, housekeeping and safety of equipment and facilities in a manner that assures their  most efficient operation.

Miscellaneous: Participate  in local trade, professional  and civic associations as a representative of the  Company.


Experience or Training  Required:

Experience in all levels of management, complete understanding of the public refrigerated warehouse industry.

License or Certificate Required: No

Mandatory Job  Requirements

The requirements that an individual must absolutely possess to perform the essential functions of the  job.

1.Speak clearly and communicate with employees and customers

2.Experienced in management

1.Total understanding of warehouse procedures and activities.

2.Cope with job stress and pressure.

3.Walk and climb throughout the plant.

4.Cooperate with corporate personnel.

5.Respond to customer needs.

6.Travel as needed.


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