Job Description

VP of Operations / General Manager  (#8236) - Eastern Pennsylvania
Industry: Commercial Concrete & Tilt-Up

Commercial Concrete Contractor Seeks VP of Ops


Responsible for implementing, managing and refining all processes, tools, and structured occasions used to achieve the appropriate division, company, internal, and external customer expectations.  Will perform duties through interaction with Functional, Company and Burg resources.

Key Responsibilities:
• Alignment of Talent/Team Across Core Capabilities
• Filter the Work for Current Competencies and Capacity
• Evolve the BURG Through Strategic Objectives
• Own Customer, Know the Value Proposition

Builds Relationships:  Expands revenue opportunities with customers, focuses on value, develops and understands relationships exist with key decision makers, understands, validates, and responds to customer needs, tracks and monitors activity.
* Understands customer's business
* Develops and understands key relationships exist
* Understands value through listening and confirming

Establishes Goals:  Sets challenging and productive goals for team, seeks appropriate buy in, keeps team accountable for actions, provides resources and support, uses checkpoints and data to track progress, sets up systems and processes to measure results and leading indicators.
* Sets challenging and productive goals
* Seeks appropriate buy in
* Sets up systems and process to measure

Inspires & Motivates Others to High Performance: Leads through change and adversity, makes the tough call when needed, builds consensus when appropriate, motivates and encourages others. Applies clear/consistent performance standards, handles performance problems decisively and objectively, is direct but tactful, provides guidance and assistance to improve performance.
* Builds consensus/collaborates
* Provides guidance and assistance
* Handles performance problems decisively and objectively

Managing Performance & Progress:  Utilizes Goals – Uses agreed upon goals to define expectations for the team and each individual.  Filtering & Aligning Talent - Defines position requirements and necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities and actively searches internally and externally to secure the right talent.  Understands the competency of individuals and formats teams based on that knowledge.  Demand Top Performance - Demanding achievement of high performance goals and standards, setting an example, clarifying expectations and actively managing performance to ensure success.
* Utilizes goals and objectives
* Defines expectations by role
* Filters & aligns talent
* Demands top performance

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