Job Description

Vice President of Project Management  (#8920) - Confidential
Industry: Precast & Prestressed Concrete


Duties and Responsibilities
The VP of Project Management will be responsible for the progress and activities of all projects assigned to them. They will be expected to be proactive in the pursuit of information, documents, services and facilities necessary to complete the project safely, on schedule and within the budget.
• Manage medium to large scale precast structural and architectural projects
• Perform site inspections prior to and during construction
• Review and prepare all project contracts for signature.
• Liaison with structural engineers, consultants, architects and contractors during the project schedule
• Communication and documentation that will allow Partners and staff to know the status of submittals, contracts, and individual project schedules.
• Assign responsibilities for specific actions required for the project and set time restraints for completion.
• Initiate and follow through with needed change orders.
• Communicate with VP of Sales on upcoming projects and use this information to anticipate engineering and drafting needs.
• Review estimates after the project turnover meeting from the sales department to confirm number of pieces required for the project as well as review weight of concrete to be used for each product.
• Work with Production Scheduler to assure the customer and production requirements are met.
• Meet with Production Scheduler to establish required sequence of product for drafting.
• Meet with Erection Foreman and Field Operations Manager to determine direction of erection and any special circumstances that may exist.
• Proactively promote a safe worksite culture.
• Direct the activities of the project manager assistant and the Jobsite Coordinator assigned to the project.
• Prepare field / site and technical reports in conjunction with the Jobsite Coordinator
• Field costing to ensure projects are within construction budget

Skills required

Computer Skills requiring Windows as well as Microsoft Office including Word / Excel

Knowledge of reading Contract Drawings and Details
Knowledge of Contractual Language
Effective communication skills both written and verbal
Effective self-time management

• The performance and actions of both the Jobsite Coordinator and Patchers / Grouters assigned to the project.
• Maintain project schedules in accordance with the contract.
• Meet or exceed overall estimate on the project for the items under their control.

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