Tool & Die Designer

  (#9009) - Multiple Locations
Industry: Metal Stamping

We are currently seeking Tool & Die Designers for a Multiple Metal Stamping facilities.


Summary: Envisions and designs [using computer software] all types of dies, fixtures and other design functions found in a manufacturing plant. Applies problem-solving skills in performing own work and in assisting others in their work. Analyze potential problems in all stages of design process, providing feedback and suggesting improvements. Trains and assists others as needed. Continually acquires and maintains knowledge of die design/build through hands-on experience.

Essential Functions:
• Analyzes parts-bends and extrudes, using and including all views from the blueprint, whether on hard copy or computer.
• Visualizes parts going through die design, and then conveys the understanding and explanation of the process to others.
• Utilizes necessary resources (including computer software) to design parts and all types die designs.
• Modifies menus in design software to increase design speed and accuracy.
• Creates and uses templates in the CAD environment in order to expedite the design process.
• Utilizes setback for unfolding flat blanks.
• Utilizes trigonometry in die design.
• Creates charts and/or tables to capture non-predictable bends, offsets and extrusions in order for information to be easily retrieved.
• Addresses questions and solves die design-related problems and concepts, making recommendations and suggestions for improvement.
• Applies innovative ways to design tooling to eliminate number of hits, cost, size, and difficulty of producing parts.
• Designs components, applying necessary concepts of how they can be machined or manufactured, incorporating the level of detail needed for the toolmakers' function in the die building process.
• Designs to incorporate the safe, efficient and ergonomic operation of the press operators, using their input to design more effectively.
• Designs components within the parameters of the EDM machines
• Uses Axapta software programs to enter time/payroll information, job information, etc.

Experience and Skills Required:
At least three years of recent stamping die design and related mechanical and shop experience and at least one year of company related experience which includes the following skills and abilities:
• Strong working knowledge of the tooling process and machining equipment.
• Strong working knowledge of the equipment, materials, methods and practices used in production jig and fixture operations.
• Knowledge of related safety requirements to include proper use of safety equipment and proper safety precautions.

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