Job Description

Specialty Precast Manager  (#9726) - Minnesota
Industry: Precast & Prestressed Concrete
Industry: Wet and Dry Cast

The Plant Manager “PM” is responsible for oversight of all operational management of the production plant;




The Plant Manager “PM” is responsible for oversight of all operational management of the production plant; assets, raw and complete inventory, scheduling and logistical planning. The PM shall coordinate functions and work to achieve common goals with the Operations Manager. Continuous communication with the OM, sales manager and logistics coordinator on a daily basis to ensure Company is delivering superior customer value while maintaining efficiency and quality.


People Management:

•Establish positive company culture & team leadership

•Positive attitude

•Ensure all SOP’s are adhered to.


◦Work with new employees and make sure all software and safety training programs are clearly communicated and documented. Responsible for all steps necessary to properly train employees on their functions and job responsibilities.

◦All employees properly trained on equipment, maintenance schedule and cleanup SOPs

•Shift Scheduling

◦Coordinate with OM to staffing is sufficient to ensure production goals are me

•Employee Safety

◦Work with equipment vendors & consultants to establish and enforce safety related SOP’s

◦Work with the management team to implement safety program for all equipment, procedures and processes inside and outside of the plant. Responsible that all personnel follow safety guidelines as set forth in the safety manual.

◦Conduct ongoing safety meetings and training as set for in company safety policy.

•Efficient Workflow and Processes

◦Work with the management team to establish concise and easy to follow SOP’s.

◦Work with employees and make sure all tasks are being completed as scheduled

◾Incoming supply & product lab testing

◾Product manufacturing, yard placement and load out efficiency

◾Routine Maintenance and Cleaning

•Performance Reviews

◦Complete employee review per established protocol

◦Communicate and Implement Performance Improvement Plan where necessary when team members are not meeting expectations

◦Clearly document all performance issues and follow proper protocols when having to reprimand an employee

Incoming materials

•Coordinate delivery of incoming raw product.

•QC, spec testing & documentation on all incoming raw product.

•Schedule and maintain inventory necessary to accommodate anticipated production needs

•Communicate with the purchasing department to ensure materials are ordered for production and all material is quality controlled to meet specs.

•Resolve any material issues and work with vendors to fix issues pertaining to product quality.

Asset Management

•Thorough knowledge and understanding of all on site equipment.

•Training on all equipment as necessary to gain competency

•Maintenance schedule/SOP’s in place and adhered to for every piece of equipment on site.


•Complete production scheduling to ensure production lines are running in a safe and environmentally friendly way, communicate with all personnel to ensure safety protocols are met.

•Coordinate with logistics and sales personnel to properly schedule job timelines to ensure job scheduling coordinates with customer expectations.


•QC and Testing protocol as established by other consultants.

•Responsible to ensure all quality control testing is performed; including filling and warehousing of test cylinders.

•Documentation and storage of all testing results and materials.



•Other duties as assigned.


•Demonstrated leadership abilities

•Excellent communication, people and organizational skills required

•Ability to operate Microsoft Word, Excel, email and internet.

•Ability to deal with escalated personnel issues

•Understanding of modern production practices and supply chains

•Ability to take corrective actions as a result of accessing, & the interpretation of production performance, production/overhead cost reports.

•Forklift Operator Certification or ability to become certified.

EQUIPMENT: Concrete mixer, cure pack, air compressors, precast production equipment, computers, intercom and two-way radios, loading equipment, and other related equipment to the industry.

REQUIRED PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES: Climbing, balancing, kneeling, standing, walking, lifting, talking, hearing,

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