Job Description

Site Manager  (#8991) - Pennsylvania
Industry: Concrete Block, and Pavers


  • Manager the overall concrete block production facilities to maximize Safety, Quality, Productivity, House Keeping and Preventative Maintenance.
  • Manage the build-up plan to the company’s optimum use and derive the benefits from the plan for the company.
  • Lead concrete block production, planning inventories, to optimize inventory turns while maintaining maximum service levels.
  • Develop and maintain an efficient concrete products yard layout program and assist with monthly inventory, reconciling book to actual differences on monthly basis as needed.
  • Manage all NSL operations to reduce costs and maximize plant capabilities, productivity and quality while meeting or exceeding all B.O.M. objectives.
  • Work safely with zero accidents.
  • Work with V.P. / G.M. to Know and Control Costs through daily analysis of concrete block production reports and monthly analysis of financial statements.
  • Oversee build-up plan to ensure ample Quality product is on the ground for Homecenter and other masonry sales, for spring build-up and daily business.  Manage concrete block yard layout plan for inventory.
  • Set up new resale, raw material and manufactured items in the system.
  • Receive product, approve and code resale items and raw material into system.
  • Manage all BOM’s for concrete block products and mix designs.  Assist in meeting or exceeding production standards as set in the BOM’s for all operations to maximize Productivity, production efficiency and reduce downtime.
  • Ensure a safe working environment, set and achieve Safety goals with the Safety Director, and assist to implement the company safety program in all plants.  Wear PPE gear when in the production plants and yard.
  • Ensure Preventive Maintenance program achieve the required goals of reducing cost, improving quality and decreasing downtime.
  • Work with management, production, accounting and sales to maintain Housekeeping, a cohesive work environment and to assure the highest customer satisfaction with exceptional service and quality.
  • Assist the GM daily with the Five Daily Business Fundamentals.



Education Level or Equivalent Required: Four year college degree or higher
Experience Required:  

  • 5 years concrete block operations management experience.           
  •  10 years of concrete block production experience

Knowledge Required:  Construction products, concrete block manufacturing, computers, accounting

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