Senior Superintendent

  (#8787) - Dallas Area
Industry: Construction Management
Industry: General Contractors

The Senior Superintendent position effectively manages complex projects with a moderate staff.


Senior Superintendent

Position Summary:

The Senior Superintendent position effectively manages complex projects with a moderate staff. This role provides management oversight for all phases of the construction project including coordinating workers, material, and equipment; ensuring that plans and specifications are being followed; work is proceeding on schedule and within budget; and all work is being conducted in a safe and professional manner.

High Payoff Activities/ Responsibilities/ Duties:

1. Relationship Building:

• Builds lasting relationships with all team members by acting with the highest level of ethics, integrity and professionalism
• Develops trust and confidence through support, open and frequent communication, and understanding of all team members expectations
• Defines and understand s owner’s needs and expectations to ensure the success of the project

1. Collaboration:

• Works collaboratively and effectively with the Project Manger throughout the project
• Communicates with owners and architects about progress and any necessary modifications of plans
• Conducts onsite meetings with Architects, Engineers, Developer representatives, Tenant Construction Representatives, and City Officials
• Assists Estimators and Project Managers with subcontractor buy-out

1. Cost Control:

• Develops a cost-effective plan and schedule for completion of project following a logical pattern to meet scheduled completion dates
• Tracks and maintains construction schedule to achieve completion of project within time and budget allocated

1. Planning/ Coordination:

• Develops a long-term plan and schedule to meet the contract completion date
• Develops short-term “look ahead” schedule and coordinates daily work of team members and sub-contractors working on various phases of the project
• Reviews and understands all contract documents (plans, specifications, testing requirements, as-built requirements, close-out requirements, etc.)
• Works with Project Manager in obtaining all requirements of the local jurisdiction to obtain final approval or certificate of occupancy prior to completion date
• Works with Project Manager to conduct pre-construction meetings
• Oversees/ conducts/ documents weekly coordination meetings with subcontractors as necessary
• Accurately and timely prepares daily reports and field documentation

1. Leadership/ Supervision:

• Understands, follows, and promotes jobsite policies, company policies and procedures
• Delegates work and responsibility appropriately and keeps team members accountable for their work
• Assists and empowers team members to make decisions in a timely manner

1. Quality Control:

• Sets performance expectations of all team members and subcontractors
• Regularly reviews contract documents (plans, specs, shop drawings, manufacturer’s installation instruction, etc.) with team members and subcontractors and to ensure they are being followed
• Regularly inspects work being performed on the project to ensure quality is being achieved

1. Safety:

• Oversee safety regulations and procedures
• Corrects any safety violations
• Oversees and conducts weekly safety meetings with all subcontractors
• Ensures jobsite is kept clean, safe, and secure at all times

Additional Activities/ Responsibilities/ Duties:

• May recruit and identify potential superintendents. Conducts interviews with prospective superintendents and assists in hiring decisions.
• Must be able to relocate with assigned jobs

Knowledge/ Skills/ Abilities:

• Knowledge and experience in technical aspects all phases of construction project
• Must be able to read and understand, plans, specifications, and shop drawings
• Must be goal oriented
• Computer skills using Viewpoint, SharePoint, MS Project, and MS Office


• Integrity
• Customer Focus
• Communication
• Interpersonal Skills/ Relationship Building
• Results Oriented
• Learning and Self Development
• Teamwork
• Computers/ Technology
• Planning
• Organizing
• Directing Others
• Functional/Technical Skills
• Decision-making
• Problem Solving Skills

Education/ Experience:

• At least 15 years of proven experience assisting or supervising all phases of construction projects of increasing complexity or compensatory ability recognized by Company
· High School Diploma (or GED or High School Equivalence Certificate)

Certificates/ Licenses

May Obtain as Required:

• OSHA 30 Hour Minimum
• SWPPP Certified
• First Aid- CPR
• Certified Competent Person (Fall Protection, Scaffolding, and Trenching)
• Air Quality Control
• STS Certification

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