Job Description

Senior Project Manager  (#8180) - Atlanta Area
Industry: General Contractors
Industry: Commercial Concrete & Tilt-Up

Design/build GC seeking Senior Project Manager to manage turnkey projects



The Senior Project Manager is responsible for all aspects of the management of high level projects to which he or she is assigned.

1. Pre-construction Services
o Attend periodic meetings with the Owner to establish criteria and review progress.
o Assist in the site analysis, including grading studies and utility review.
o Collaborate in the development of outline criteria for the project, and the preparation of preliminary drawings.
o Assist in the processing of the preliminary package through the appropriate governmental authorities and utilities.
o Prepare preliminary estimates, and perform value engineering.
o Prepare a guaranteed maximum budget and agreement for the project (for design-build work).
o With the assistance of the superintendent and general superintendent, develop the Project Schedule.  Include all critical delivery dates and completion dates required by contract.
o Provide guidance, feedback, and value engineering during the preparation of working drawings.
o Assist in obtaining all required building and other permits for the project.

2. Construction Administration
o Attend periodic meetings with the Owner to review job progress and other issues, and publish minutes of those meetings.
o Prepare a subcontract bidders list and obtain Owner’s approval if required.
o Prepare bid instructions, solicit subcontract bids and prepare bid tabulations for approval.
o Negotiate and prepare all subcontracts and purchase orders.  All projects shall be bought out within 60 days of construction start.
o Verify that all subcontractor insurance certificates have been received prior to their commencement of work.
o Periodically visit the job site to review job conditions and progress.
o Assist the superintendent in monitoring job progress against the Project Schedule.
o Prepare monthly Owner billings, and be sure they are paid in a timely manner.
o Process subcontractor, supplier and other project invoices.  Ensure that all necessary releases are obtained.
o Expedite resolution of problems with plans and specifications, utilities, governing authorities, subcontractors, suppliers, and the like, as they occur.
o Prepare monthly cost reports for the project.
o Solicit subcontractor input and prepare estimates for any changes in the work.  Submit estimates to the Owner for approval when required.
o Prepare Owner’s change orders for changes in the work when required.
o Prepare subcontract change order for changes in the work when required.
o Attend project management meetings.

3. Project Close-out
o Assist in the preparation of punch lists.
o Assist in the expediting the completion of all punch list work
o Expedite the obtaining of all final inspections for the work.
o Cause a notice of completion to be prepared, obtain the Owner’s signature, and ensure that the notice is filed in a timely manner.
o Assist the Owner or tenant in obtaining a certificate of occupancy.
o Solicit guarantees, warrantees and as-built drawings for all applicable subcontractors.
o Have all as-built drawings reviewed and approved by the project superintendent.
o Assemble project close-out package and transmit to the Owner. Each package shall contain guarantees, warrantees, as-built drawings, operating and maintenance manuals, and any other items required by the specifications, or required by the Owner.
o Prepare the final project billing.  Be sure that it is paid in a timely manner.  Notify the District Manager or Sr. Vice President if payment on the final billing is late and a lien must be filed.

4. Assist the superintendent and general superintendent in the enforcement of all safety policies of the Company.
5. Assist the superintendent and general superintendent in the coordination of force account labor, and rental equipment.
6. Participate in the evaluations on subcontractors’ performance on the project.
7. Promote a team approach to all of our design and construction efforts.
8. Solicit outside work for the Company as opportunities arise.
Tilt-up and industrial project experience is desired.

Salary range $110-$150K.  Outstanding benefits, vacation and 401K package.


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