Job Description

Quality Manager  (#8539) - AL
Industry: Metal Stamping

We are currently seeking a Quality Manager for a Metal Stamping facility located in AL.


The Quality Manager is responsible for directing and providing leadership for all quality operations including planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting functions. Position develops and oversees an effective management system to continuously identify  opportunities  for  improvement  while  performing  daily activities.

• Track,  monitor  and  implement  required  corrective/ improvement   activities  related  to  internal  and  external   issues.
• Interface  with  customers   and  suppliers.
• Oversee proper and timely quality related participation in advanced product and process planning activities (i.e.; Planning, Control Plans,  Capability  Studies,  PPAP,  etc.)
• Represent the company during customer visits and surveys, and during meetings and presentations at the customer's location.
• Maintain  a  current  knowledge  of  quality  assurance  and  control techniques.
• Ensure  accountability  and  discipline  within  the  department.
• Comply with required safety procedures in the performance of daily activities and hold all direct reports accountable  for enforcement.
• Ensure  product  and  process  compliance to  customer requirements.
• Provide  direction  and  leadership  to  other  departments.
• Provide  active  leadership  role  in  meeting  I  exceeding  customer  expectations   in  all  related  areas.
• Utilize teamwork.
• Create  an  environment  conducive  to  the  maintenance  of  high  quality  standards.
• Maintain  a  positive  working  relationship  with  all  levels  of  the  organization.

• Previous/equivalent   experience  as  a  quality   manager.
• Knowledge of quality tools, practices, systems and corresponding integration .
• Excellent  procedure  development  and writing skills.
• Excellent  organizational, analytical  and  communication  skills.
• Experience in applying lean manufacturing concepts.
• Proven  leadership  ability  and  excellent   interpersonal  skills.
• Proficient  in  Microsoft  Office  software.
• Familiar  with  GD&T.
• Familiar  with  PPAP,  APQP ,  and  other  customer  specific  requirements.

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