Job Description

Quality Control Technician  (#8699) - TN
Industry: Concrete Block, and Pavers


Responsible for:

  • Providing technical support to plant operations and act as a liaison between dispatch and our clients. 
  • Manage, Lead, and work with our QC Field representatives   
  • Mix Design Optimization for concrete block   
  • Analytical focus on break data: early tests (3-7 days), through full cure  
  • Must be able to deal with technical issues by exhausting all means of handling problems at the block manufacturing plants and on jobsites.
  • Must communicate well with clients by offering practical solutions by using troubleshooting methods to solve technical issues.
  • Must work continuously on an issue until completion and follow-up and be sure issues are resolved and clients are satisfied. Communicate effectively with other field reps, managers, departments, and customers regarding the nature and status of any quality issues.
  • Identify and troubleshoot recurring problems to find permanent solutions.
  • Must demonstrate professionalism and optimism via verbal communications with co-workers and clients. 


  • Education and Experience Min of 5 years of  related experience or training in the masonry block field is required; particularly with materials, mix designs, and mix optimization. 
  • Materials Expert; with credibility and authority to make changes and decisions on mix designs Aptitude for software applications and technology; we are a technology-forward company
  • Experience with Labsys, Jonel, Archer Batching systems, Besser & Columbia machines are all a "plus" Ability to perform concrete tests and troubleshoot technical issues at block manufacturing plants and on jobsites
  • Must be a  Materials Expert; with credibility and authority to make changes and decisions on mix designs ACI Concrete Tech I certification is required.    


  • Ability to work day and night including weekends. Must be able to sit, stand, walk, talk, and communicate effectively for long hours in a construction environment. 
  • Must be willing to travel to include overnights
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