Job Description

Quality Control Manager  (#9126) - Mid-Atlantic
Industry: Precast & Prestressed Concrete

PCI Level 3 QC Manager needed for immediate opening


Supervise the Quality Control Department. To ensure proper methods for all phases of production are being followed and the finished product compiles with specified requirements and meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations. To see Quality Control Personnel have the resources needed, proper training and experience to perform the required tasks assigned to them.
Essential Functions:
1. Correspond between the various DOT’s and inspectors for ongoing jobs as well as all upcoming out of state jobs.
2. Keep informed on the various testing requirements and specifications
3. Control all aspects of the batching operation
4. See that the various class of mixes needed for the DOT’s are kept updated and whatever testing is required is done in a timely matter to maintain mix design approval
5. Generate spreadsheets tracking concrete mix design approvals
6. Generate nonconformance, discrepancy reports
7. Report excesses beyond allowable tolerances to Chief Engineer for evaluation
8. Prepare repair procedures for submittal for any nonconforming repairable item
9. Maintain quality records, forms, reports and material certifications
10. Monitor PCI Audits and maintain our plant PCI certification

Additional Functions:
1. Check and sample bearing pads
2. Chair QSC committee meetings and generate the minutes
3. Prepare shipping certifications
4. Prepare payment for stored materials certifications
5. Write, maintain and update QA plans and QSM manuals

Required Education/Experience:
High school diploma
Bachelors Degree and or equal experience
  PCI Level III Quality Control Technician

Necessary Skills:
Know various state specifications
Microsoft Office
Concrete Mix designs and properties
Know quality control methods and procedures

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