QC Supervisor

  (#10151) - Mississippi
Industry: Concrete Pipe
Industry: Wet and Dry Cast

United Employment Group is seeking a QC Supervisor in Mississippi.


The Quality Control Supervisor is responsible to ensure all finished products meet state and customer specifications prior to leaving the plant area and reaching the customer. This position will also handle any customer inquiries or complaints in a timely manner, monitor daily concrete production and provide internal company quality personnel test data monthly.


  • Follow all safety rules.
  • Maintain lab equipment is good working order to maintain accuracy of tests.
  • Sample, test and record all raw materials at agreed upon intervals.
  • Maintain accurate quality control test data including but not limited to mill certificates, testing data, state or other agency specifications and other relevant data as required.
  • Communicate with production personnel on any quality issues.
  • Lead initiatives to improve plant productivity by focus on quality of all processes.
  • Maintain data base of all samples to maintain consistency of all products being produced.
  • Participate with the entire team to create a safe, productive working environment.
  • Work with all others to keep equipment and work areas clean, safe and functional.
  • Must be willing to do other duties as assigned.
  • Acquire and/or maintain DOT/ACPA or other plant certifications as directed.
  • Assure quality of all batching operations.
  • Gain competency on automated batching equipment.


  • High School diploma or equivalent preferred
  • Must have required ACI Level I certification
  • Must have experience in concrete testing
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Computer competency
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