Job Description

Purchasing Manager  (#9356) - Texas
Industry: Forging

A Forging facility is looking for a Purchasing Manager


The Purchasing Manager is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services necessary for the operation of the company in a timely manner. This position is also responsible for the financial implications involving purchasing including: negotiating, contracts, strategic quantities buying and raw material inventory and obsolescence.


Essential Functions:

1. Direct department on daily, weekly and monthly purchases of goods and services consistent with the manufacturing and production plans.
2. Develop and improve purchasing strategy for the organization.
3. Negotiate new and existing contracts with suppliers that are favorable to the organization.
4. Develop new suppliers to improve cost and delivery of supplies.
5. Generate, review and submit for analysis all data required by other departments to ensure financial and strategic planning for the organization can be accomplished.
6. Co-develop cross-functional planning regarding contractual agreements to ensure non-obsolescence of raw material and purchased goods.
7. Monitor performance of sub-contractors controlling the sale of goods or products to the organization.
8. Develop and implement cost-saving strategies within all functions reporting directly to this position.
9. Control of all on hand and on order inventories.
10. Control all budgetary requirements related to the purchasing function.
11. Ensure that all organizational policies and protocols are adhered to for all departmental employees.


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Characteristics:

1. Knowledge of computers, Microsoft software, and internet usage.
2. Excellent math skills and problem-solving abilities
3. Ability to strategically and effectively negotiate contracts for the organization.
4. Ability to analyze data and determine negative and positive trends within the organization.
5. Ability to effectively communicate, both written and verbal.
6. Ability to make decisions related to this position. An error in judgment could result in financial loss for the company.


Physical Work Activities and Exposure:

1. Work is performed primarily in the front office.
2. This job could be performed with reasonable accommodation.



1. High School Diploma is required. A 4-year college degree is preferred.
2. Must be able to read and write English.
3. Must have good verbal and written communication skills.
4. Excellent math skills are required.
5. Excellent problem-solving abilities are required.
6. Six Sigma training is preferred.

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