Job Description

Precast Plant Manager  (#9363) - British Columbia
Industry: Wet and Dry Cast

Plant Manager needed for the managing, planning and coordination of the production operations and work activities of a Precast Concrete Plant.


The Precast Plant Manager will oversee all plant activities and manufacturing operations, including scheduling, warehousing, batch plant operation, production, product storage, loading, and shipping.


• Order necessary materials, equipment, and tools needed for daily plant production (major material and equipment purchases will be made by the project manager).
• Be responsible for all project resources, including manpower, materials, tools, equipment, and subcontractors needed to produce the project.
• Schedule Superintendents, drivers, and shipping subs to get the product to job sites.
• Review employee time cards/sheets for accuracy.
• Coordinate with Human Resources to hire, relocate, terminate, request pay raise, discipline, evaluate, promote, and schedule plant employees.
• Coordinate with Human Resources to fill out written pay raise request forms, termination forms, disciplinary warning forms, and other paperwork related to plant employees.
• Oversee coordination of crew scheduling with Precast Plant Superintendent.
• Work closely with Precast Plant Superintendent to ensure work is being done correctly and per schedule.
• Use proper forms for reporting various items; ie. purchase order books, equipment rentals, project status reports, etc. Job cost coding must be marked on all purchase orders, invoices, and time cards on the project before paperwork is submitted to administrative offices.
• Purchase orders and invoices must be submitted to the Project Manager for approval, and job cost code checking on a weekly basis.
• Oversee Batch Plant, Carpenter and Mechanic Shop operations; Runner/tool room/warehouse; truck drivers.
• Oversee crane inspections, safety meetings, fuel forms, DOT trucking forms, log books and other items are completed as needed.
• Make sure supervisory personnel are enforcing all safety protocols.
• Additional Duties as assigned by the President, Vice-President and/or Precast Manager.

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