General Manager

  (#11001) - California
Industry: Concrete Pipe
Industry: Wet and Dry Cast

United Employment Group is seeking a General Manager in California.


The position directs all aspects of branch operations, including managing employees, bottom line financial performance, setting overall direction and goals for manufacturing, quality, safety, new business development, and customer satisfaction.


Essential Responsibilities:

(Critical) LEADERSHIP: Ensures that the business unit being managed maintains alignment with the company's stated vision, values, objectives, and goals; Ensures compliance with company policies; Maintains a harmonious working environment for all employees and acts in a manner consistent with the Cardinal Rule of Conduct; Reviews and approves all purchase requisitions and invoices for payment; Determines staffing requirements and approves every hire and termination decision as well as all compensation adjustments; Oversees manufacturing, dispatch, human resources, purchasing and material planning managers to review production and operating reports and resolve operational, manufacturing and facility problems to ensure minimum costs, prevent operational delays and meet customer on time delivery; Writes Capital Expenditure Requests and when approved manages key projects; Presents branch results and improvement plans in all quarterly financial calls and GM meetings.


(Critical) PROFITABILITY: Directs and coordinates all branch activities to develop and implement short and long-range goals and objectives to meet business and profitability growth objectives; Reviews business improvement activities, costs, operations and sales forecast data to manage branch progress toward budget goals and objectives; Develops, reviews, updates and implements business planning, including sales pricing, cost control and overall financial performance.


(Critical) OPERATIONS: Monitors demand and capacity to balance load at a large-scale facility and/or multiple manufacturing facilities; Reviews the Engineering department’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and designs standards to ensure products released to manufacturing are supported by structural calculations and/or standardized design details are used; Monitors operation’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in order to manage operational costs.


(Critical) SALES: Develops the long term sales pipeline by cultivating key relationships with local specifiers, governmental agents, developers and customers (existing and potential); Ensures accurate sales forecasts are developed which are based upon market trends, future projects being tracked in the sales pipeline, and sales history; Maintains an in-depth understanding of the company’s current product portfolio and actively seeks to develop the sales of that portfolio in the local market; Ensures that customers’ expectations are being exceeded by the sales force with regards to customer service, availability, and that deliverables are received ahead of schedule.


(Critical) SAFETY: Maintains a safe, clean and well organized working environment for all employees with the ultimate responsibility of ensuring the safety of all employees; Identifies unsafe acts taken by employees, unsafe working conditions or equipment and works to eliminate the hazard or correct the behavior; Works with the local Safety Manager and the Corporate Director of Safety to implement corporate safety initiatives.


  • Conduct employee progress reviews & performance evaluations
  • Interview candidates
  • Take calculated and responsible risks
  • Provide guidance and stability
  • Guide or facilitate projects
  • Discipline employees
  • Promote employees
  • Terminate employees
  • Recommend salary actions
  • Manage expenses
  • Bring commitment and drive into the
  • Lead by example
  • Serve as a spokesperson or advocate
  • Serve as a role model
  • Manage profitability
  • Empower others to take responsibility and to be accountable
  • Develop and execute strategic plan
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