Furnace Technician

  (#9669) - Texas
Industry: Forging

We are currently seeking a Furnace Technician in Texas.


The furnace technician will be responsible for, performing repairs, preventative maintenance, Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS), System Accuracy Tests (SAT), NFPA 54 and NFPA 86 code compliance and furnace control instrument calibrations. Troubleshoot and repair furnace instruments and combustion systems to maintain operation of furnaces in a Quality environment in accordance with quality compliance procedures.

Minimum Requirements and Qualifications:

  • High School diploma or GED.
  • 5 - 7 years related experience and/or training or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Knowledge of combustion systems; Burner safety management system is required.
  • Knowledge of Programmable Logic Controllers and electro-mechanical controls required.
  • Understanding of Spec AMS2750 Pyrometry latest revision.
  • Experience with Eurotherm Review, Bridge, 6180 A & 2704 controller is a plus.
  • Knowledge of furnace refractory repair is desirable.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide Preventive & Corrective maintenance and repair services for Hot Work production furnaces and Heat Treat furnaces.
  • Sound understanding of combustion theory and application of concepts during furnace troubleshooting and repair to maintain furnace thermal characteristics and operational efficiency.
  • Prepare survey racks and stands for the performance of Temperature Uniformity Surveys to include: cutting and welding thermocouple wire to the required length(s) and affixing them to the correct positions on the survey rack/stand (s) in accordance with quality procedures.
  • Perform Temperature Uniformity Surveys test using a Portable Survey Data logger Field Test Instrument.
  • Perform System Accuracy Test (SAT) in line with relevant standards and QAP.
  • Upload the Temperature Uniformity Survey results to the network system for proper review and acceptance by the Quality personnel in order to release the furnace back to production following the performance of Temperature Uniformity Survey or System Accuracy Test.
  • Calibrate furnace control instruments such as the temperature chart recorders, temperature controllers and the over limit controllers.
  • Create the certification of calibration for each instrument and affix calibration sticker that shows calibration date and due date in accordance with quality procedures.
  • Work directly with the Quality Department representatives, supervision, and management to immediately identify and correct issues affecting the compliant functioning of furnaces.
  • Assuring that after the quality personnel reviews and approves the certification of calibration file calibration records with the maintenance planner.
  • Validate and confirm sufficient furnace components are on hand for the performance of scheduled TUS, SAT and calibrations.
  • Ensure that all the instruments that cannot be calibrated in-house get calibrated by an outside source, such as Optical pyrometers, potentiometers and gas analyzers.
  • Review material certifications to ensure they have been approved for release and use by the Quality Department for thermocouple wire, control thermocouples, potentiometers, optical - pyrometers and Gas analyzers prior to their usage for both Forge and Heat Treat Departments.
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