Formwork Designers (Senior & Entry-Level)

  (#10059) - Midwest
Industry: Concrete Construction Suppliers

Formwork Designers are needed!


Formwork Designers and Senior Formwork Designers work directly with Engineering Manager and to generate two- and three-dimensional model and drawings in Tekla-Revit-AutoCAD to support engineering, design, and specification requirements for concrete forming system projects. The Senior Formwork Designer plays the lead modeling and drawing role on projects and guides the work of less experienced Formwork Designers. The Formwork Designer plays a supporting modeling and drawing role providing on projects and provides general support.

Report and Supervisory Relationships

Formwork Designers and Senior Formwork Designers both administratively report to the Engineering Manager.

Formwork Designers have no specific supervisory responsibilities.

Senior Formwork Designers are responsible for directing and supporting one or multiple Formwork Designers assigned to their respective projects.

Senior Formwork Designers play a key role in training, mentoring, developing, and directing Formwork Designers in conjunction with the Engineering Manager(s).

Senior Formwork Designers participate in personnel reviews, coaching, and developmental processes related to Formwork Designers they regularly work with.


  • Supports pre-sale project take-offs, estimating, and proposal development.
  • Creates and reviews three-dimensional concrete shell models and drawings in Tekla or Revit to confirm the customer’s architectural and formwork scope and specifications.
  • Defines and executes formwork modulations and assemblies in Tekla or AutoCAD in accordance with the customer specifications and company solution standards.
  • Contributes to project management on assigned projects which includes general decision making, scoping, estimating, scheduling, risk and issue management, and status updates both written and verbal. (Senior Formwork Designers)
  • Develops models and manufacturing drawings for all custom formwork and accessories for project that are not already in the drawing library.
  • Creates and manages the Project Bill of Materials for the assigned projects throughout the project lifecycle. (Senior Formwork Designers)
  • Checks and audits of drawing deliverables for accuracy and completeness including: Concrete Shells & Specifications, Formwork Modulations, Manufacturing Drawings, Project Bills of Materials, and Material Cut Lists. (Senior Formwork Designers)
  • Organizes and releases Manufacturing Drawings, Project Bills of Material, Materials Cut Lists, and other information to Manufacturing and provides design support throughout the Manufacturing process as required.
  • Develops, details, and confirms the Construction Field Set Up & Assembly Drawings.
  • Participates in the Pre-Shipment Equipment Set Up & Inspection Process on assigned projects and supports issue resolution, rework, and changes identified.
  • Contributes in a leadership role in the development, documentation, and adherence to modeling, drawing, design, and information standards. (Senior Formwork Designer)
  • Supports the programming of Manufacturing NC equipment based on requirements and needs.
  • Identifies improvement opportunities and assists in target improvement initiatives in the Engineering & Design department associated with people, processes, standards, systems, and/or information.

Qualifications & Work Standards

  • Maintains a high standard of quantity and quality of work.
  • Maintains a professional demeanor at all times.
  • Works from written documents, outlines, verbal instructions, or other directive materials.
  • Entry level Tekla-AutoCAD-Revit and MS-Excel skills for Formwork Designers
  • Intermediate to advanced skills with Tekla-AutoCAD-Revit and MS-Excel for Senior Formwork Designers
  • Experience with AutoDesk Inventor and Vault is desired.
  • Proficiency working three-dimensionally both conceptually and within Tekla-AutoCAD-Revit.
  • Knowledge of common engineering principals and terminology.
  • Works within a team environment and closely with others assigned to projects.
  • Solves problems and contributes to effective decision making.
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes.
  • Communicates effectively in English with verbally and in writing.
  • Bilingual (Spanish / English) is desired.


Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Engineering, or Construction Science; or Associates Degree Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CAD); or Sufficient on the job experience to provide technical competence is required.

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