Job Description

Estimator / Project Manager in Commercial Concrete  (#8241) - Eastern Pennsylvania
Industry: Commercial Concrete & Tilt-Up

Commercial Concrete Contractor Seeks Estimator / Project Manager


General Description:
Responsible for implementing, managing, and refining all processes, tools, and structured occasions used to achieve the appropriate and adequate backlog.  Including, aligning all aspects of preconstruction to meet internal and external customer expectations.  Has ownership of bid strategy, correct estimate, negotiations, and turnover process.

Key Responsibilities:
• Correct Estimates and Bid Strategy
• Own Estimating Capacity for division
• Correct Information for Project Turnover Meeting
• Prepare our Teams to Execute (Pre Construction/Estimating, & some Project Coordination)

Customer Focus: Demonstrates active listening skills to gain an understanding of the customer needs.  Builds customer confidence by presenting solutions and plans.  Ensures achievable customer expectations, assumes responsibility for solving customer problems, ensures commitments to customers are met, solicits opinions and ideas from customers, and responds to internal customers.

Technical Expertise: Is an authority and has command of knowledge and skills necessary for the technical aspect of correct estimating. Has necessary job knowledge, has the nuts and bolts technical skills relating to estimating, keeps estimating knowledge current, is in command of critical issues.  Is a technical estimating resource for others, follows concrete practices and industry trends.  Understands bid strategy, and is able to negotiate and sell to the value proposition.

Process Thinking/Schedule Orientation: Effectively organizing and planning work for themselves and others through defining objectives and anticipating needs and priorities. Able to understand and applies the sequence of items/tasks (Pre/during/post).  Efficiently manage their time and the time of others and effectively handle multiple demands and competing deadlines. Utilize goals, plans, estimates time frames, manages the flow of work, and creates interim milestones, to monitor progress.

Sets Expectations: Works through direct reports or others effectively by allocating decision-rights and other responsibilities to the appropriate person. Does not complete tasks that are/should be part of a direct report's/ others responsibility. Assigned accountabilities/Expectations are clear end results, not simply tasks to complete.  Assignments are delegated to the appropriate person (i.e., are consistent with the person's job) and that individual is capable of performing them successfully and ensuring they are prepared to perform the task/ duty.

Collaboration:  Works jointly with others while developing cooperation and teamwork to achieve a common goal or vision. Solicits the input of others who have responsibility for developing plans or actions.

Listening:  Practices attentive and active listening; demonstrates the patience to hear people out; accurately restate the opinions.

Output of others:  Clearly sees the output of others through predefined or created occasions.  Adjusts based on the output of others in order to accomplish the goals.

CORRECT ESTIMATING AND BID STRATEGY:  Takeoff, Estimate, Customer Proposal, PC Tools and Standards, Bid Review Occasion, Estimate master, equipment planning tool, build assemblies for each scope item, vendor/subcontracting capacity and pricing.  Customer strategy, needs, and expectations, project financing, size, scope, schedule, competition, understand architect/engineer engagement and partnership, rolling budget, targeted work list, Proposal Template, Targeted work/Precon Occasion

Outstanding compensation, benefits, 401K match and vehicle allowance, and more.

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