Job Description

Estimator  (#8659) - CT
Industry: Metal Stamping

We are currently seeking an Estimator for a Metal Stamping facility in CT.


Candidates must have 5+ years of  tool and estimating experience and five years of metal stamping, machining, and assembly.  This position is responsible for:  preparing estimates; developing engineering processes; communicating effectively with customers and management, while working independently and proactively to meet deadlines as a member of a cohesive team. 

This position is responsible for developing a process to manufacture sheet metal stampings which involves:  (1) developing the blank shape and determining part mass; (2) developing the die (progressive or transfer) layout, determining the number of stations required to build the part; (3) developing the piece cost (material, labor and profit); and (4) developing tooling costs for sheet metal stamping and assembly.  Specifically, he she/will:

Analyze complete projects and the manufacturing process from start to finish, including determining the required manufacturing equipment and processes, estimating new product programming times for various machines, quoting raw material cost, and determining lead times working with sales and manufacturing.
Evaluate project scope and estimate fabrication hours and outside processes needed to complete a project.
Analyze blueprints and other technical documentation to prepare time, cost, materials, and labor estimates, as well as costing for purchased components and outside processes (i.e., heat treating and passivation).
On occasion, track and document actual cost vs. estimated cost as the project progresses.
Determine manufacturing flow off of drawings and concept sketches.
Produce tooling and process estimates for metal stamping, welding, and assembly.
Initiate and/or coordinate change control process (ECO) relating to Engineering’s documentation.
Prepare, submit and obtain RFQs from suppliers for tooling, material, components and outside processing.
Attend customer meetings and customer cost reviews/audits.
Provide recommendations to improve cost estimating procedures to reduce future discrepancies between estimated and actual costs.

Job Requirements
• Associate Degree and/or Bachelor’s degree – or equivalent work experience (10+ years).
• Extensive knowledge (5+ years) of concept designing metal stamping dies, as well as working knowledge of machining, welding, assembly and other manufacturing operations.
• Background in tool, die and cost estimating.
• Knowledge of concept Design progressive tool layouts, jigs and fixtures.
• Must be able to develop concept layouts for both die processes and assembly processes.
• Understand process capability and feasibility.
• Knowledge of material specs and outside services and process such as paint, plate and heat treatment.
• Knowledge of insert molding process (desirable).
• Understanding of ANSI/ISO drawing standards.
• Experience with stamping process equipment and familiarity with tool and die fabrication  techniques,  including Wire EDM and CNC machining technologies (i.e., milling, turning, and mill/turning) .
• Knowledge of tool steels and their applications,  as well as commonly stamped metals including cold-rolled steels, stainless, copper-based alloys and carbon steels.
• Experience producing tooling and process estimates.
• Excellent analytical and computational skills – i.e., proficiency in Excel, Word, and; Basic knowledge of AutoCAD and  Solidworks, so as to assist in the design of concept requests through Solidworks and provide detailed drawings off current SolidWorks models.)
• Understanding of solid geometry and trigonometry.
• Fluency in blueprint reading with understanding of GD&T (dimensioning).

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