Engineering Manager

  (#9707) - FL
Industry: Aluminum

A metals fabrication plant in FL is looking for an engineering manager.



1. Assist in developing plant layout in planning rearrangement of facilities, equipment and operations for better utilization of space.
2. Work closely with research and development, quality assurance and maintenance personnel to prevent problems with products and tooling/fixtures.
3. Stay informed concerning new manufacturing technologies and equipment in order to manufacture and reduce cost through efficiencies.
4. Support all current and new product introductions.
5. Ensure vendors/subcontractors are manufacturing products according to product specifications.
6. Ensure that all manufacturing product specifications are developed and testing procedures are in place before starting up vendors/subcontractors.
7. Able to assist in reducing cost through re-engineering product/material.
8. Assist in the assessment of vendor/subcontractor evaluation for consideration.
9. All other duties, as assigned.

Hiring /Training Duties:

• Ensures an efficient training program is in place, which includes written documentation of competencies necessary to be successful at the job, classes and courses required for the job and also those classes and courses that have been completed.
• Completes needs assessment form for the Human Resource Department.
• Participates in the hiring process with fellow team members.
• Participates in the training and development processes with the departmental team trainer(s).
Goal Setting/Planning
• Helps the departmental team develop goals, action plans, and time tables.
• Spends time anticipating potential problems and develops plans to prevent crisis from occurring.
Leading Meetings
• Takes responsibility for departmental meeting time, place and agenda preparation.
• Effectively facilitates team meetings by helping team members communicate their ideas and opinions openly and clearly.
• Maintain Departmental Work Resources
• Ensures that work resources are reviewed and updated as needed.
Administration of Departmental Policies and Procedures
• Assumes the responsibility to resolve team member problems of attitude and interpersonal deficiencies through the use of counseling.
• Supports and adheres to all company disciplinary action procedures.
• Knows and understands the contents of the company handbook.
• Supports and adheres to all company personnel policies and procedures.
• Makes sure all departmental procedures are adhered to by all of the team members.

Organizational Relationships:

Works in conjunction with Customer Service and production supervisors and employees

Experience and/or Educational Requirements:

• Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering a plus.
• 7-10 years progressive experience in Manufacturing Engineering.
• Management experience required.

• Proven track record of reducing costs through processes and efficiencies
• Hands-on, team oriented and committed to business improvement processes
• Process-oriented mentality
• Strong problem solving capabilities
• Strong knowledge in writing product specifications
• Strong project management skills
• Strong management skills
• Risk assessment capability of product, processes and suppliers
• Technical training and presentation skills
• Ability to manage multiple priorities
• Computer literacy: Basic skills with MS Word and Excel; Strong CAD proficiency
• Strong leadership skills and the ability to take initiative.
• Excellent verbal, telephone, and written communication skills.
• Ability to work well in a team environment.
• A professional, positive and enthusiastic attitude.
• Good interpersonal and negotiation skills.
• Advanced computer skills.
• Excellent listening and feedback skills.
• Good problem solving skills.
• Effective training skills.
• Effective meeting skills.
• Highly developed coaching & counseling skills.

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