Job Description

Director of Engineering  (#8723) - WI
Industry: Metal Stamping

We are currently seeking a Director of Engineering for a Metal Stamping facility located in WI.


• Develop processes and methods to manufacture new products and for the use of new equipment. Influence the use of automation, sensors and planned maintenance.
• Organize functions relative to the changing of the physical facility or the rearrangement or addition of equipment and systems.  Maintain plant drawings to reflect changes made.
• To provide coordination of the Continuous Improvement program throughout all business processes and support services. Develop action plans and communicate status and results to the rest of the organization.

• Manages and coordinates the work of the Engineering personnel. This includes Design Engineering department, R&D, and the Tool Room.
• Develops schedules / time-lines for engineering functions on New Product Development programs. Is responsible for the implementation of these schedules and adherence to the plan.
• Directs Design Engineers in the application of new techniques that apply to current or future processes that will impact the growth and profitability of the company.
• Supports the continuous improvement program by participating with the C.I. team and giving input as to the direction that should be followed.
• Prioritizes, schedules, and implements C.I. projects that Design Engineering, R&D, or the Tool Room has been assigned.
• Prepares reports on the department status. This includes adherence to schedules, volume of work produced, hours utilized (regular and overtime), accomplishments of individuals, and comments pertaining to continuous improvement projects.
• Develops and implements strategic planning objectives for the Engineering Department and is responsible for the communication of these objectives to department personnel.
• Provides a liaison between Design Engineering/R&D and Manufacturing as needed to ensure that new processes are implemented with new product requirements, to avoid surprises when a part gets to manufacturing that cannot be processed with normal methods, causing delays and cost overruns.
• Advances the use of software solutions and other methods to reduce the engineering and development phase of product development.
• Maintains all current CAD drawings and files. This may include tool, machine, and facility drawings of the plant, offices and equipment.
• Administers disciplinary measures, appraises employee performance and recommends change of status and wage adjustments in accordance with company policies.
• Directly responsible for coaching, mentoring, teaching, training, motivating and guiding associates involved in the department processes. Employees may be direct reports to this manager or others involved in processes reporting to other functional leadership. Review and verify team member training levels and competence for required work. Review training levels and competencies for required work with team members and develop training plans to address any deficiencies and review progress towards training and development goals.
• In support of manufacturing, provides expertise regarding the feasibility, concepts and methods used to accomplish machine repairs, spare parts building, or mechanical revisions.
• In support of manufacturing, assists in the development of new primary and secondary manufacturing processes and methods.
• Demonstrates the technical knowledge and capability to garner respect, and provide leadership, within a highly technical and skilled field.
• Participates in Continual Improvement Process.
• Other duties as assigned by supervisor for additional experience and/or training or refinement skills or in preparation for advancement.
• Occupation includes a requirement to follow Environmental Health and Safety procedures.

EDUCATION:  Design or Manufacturing Engineer or the equivalent in BOTH education and experience.
Additional education in Supervisory Techniques, Cost Accounting and Machine Tool Operations are highly desired.

EXPERIENCE: 10 or more years of experience including time as a Design or Manufacturing Engineer.

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