Job Description

Die Maintenance Manager  (#9165) - OH
Industry: Metal Stamping

We are currently seeking a hands on Die Maintenance Manager for a Metal Stamping facility located in OH.


• This position will work with the Die Maintenance Manager on Day Shift to manage and participate in preventative maintenance, work orders for tool repairs.  This position will manage the Die Maintenance staff on night shift.
• Makes trouble shooting press call to stamping department
• Sets up and operates machine tools such as lathe, milling machine, radial drill press, and grinder, to machine parts to specifications,
• Metal finish flat and contoured surfaces and fits parts to each other.
• Lifts die parts and positions them for assembly on worktable or surface plate.
• Spotting of dies to match
• Verifies dimensions, clearances and alignment of tooling and die.
• Records information performed on dies.
• Completes proper documentation (daily reports, work orders and other controlled documents); this may include tagging dies after changeover and tool repair.
• Fits and assembles Trim and Forms Steels and also sets punches to the lower.
• Connects wiring, Air and Lube lines to install electric and hydraulic components.
• Dismantles die and repairs or replaces parts.
• Trouble shoot dies and causes of defective parts during production and first piece process. Must be able to make die repairs in a timely manner.
• Able to make tooling production ready in regards to scrapfall, loading/unloading of tools, clamp-up, shut-height, etc.
• Able to work as a team member to contribute to the planning, scheduling and carrying out the die maintenance plan of action

Preventative Maintenance
• Sharpen cutting sections as needed and reinstall and retime them if necessary.
• Check and tighten screws and dowels regularly.
• Wash and clean dies as needed
• Lubricate working components such as guide pins, slides and cams
• Monitors cycles and replaces springs before the end of their normal life expectancy.
• Inspects dies for cracks and broken sections
• Resurface die sections worn down as a result of normal use.
• Inspect items such as scrap ejectors, slug shoots and ejector pins to make sure they are not sticking

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