Die Corrector

  (#9511) - WI
Industry: Aluminum

An aluminum extrusion facility is looking for a die corrector.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Responsible to inspect, correct, assemble and polish dies by performing duties such as: replacing bolts, sanding, replacing guide pins, examination barring flatness and squareness and checking concaveness.  Documents corrections appropriately.
• Receives and inspects new dies and establishes a die folder with all necessary paperwork.
• Ensures new dies are prepped properly for the first time run and makes corrections and/or adjustments when necessary.
• Maintains log for die location and history.
• Delegates responsibilities to Die Runners such as staging and pulling dies.
• Assists with problem solving on the press if there is an issue keeping supervisor informed.
• After dies are polished, inspect them to ensure they are still within tolerance.  Notify supervisor if die is washed out and needs to be replaced.
• Process purchase orders for new dies with supervisor’s approval.
• Assist Die Runners processing dies in caustic tanks and drain and replace tank material as needed.
• Assist Die Runners preparing dies for inspection by such activities as: rinsing, drying, sandblasting and moving die to rail.
• Assists Die Runners with die set-up in the press.
• Acts as a backup for Die Runners
• Responsible for the proper use, care and maintenance of all tooling and equipment.
• Safely operates a forklift and/or overhead crane.
• Operates small hand tools including, but not limited to a caliper, micrometer, barring square, sander and flatness gauge.
• Maintains a clean work environment at all times.
• Properly wears required Personal Protective Equipment including, but not limited to metatarsals, sleeves and goggles.

Working Environment:
• Works in a manufacturing environment. 
• May have exposure to hazardous substances commonly associated with a caustic area.  See MSDS for specific information.
• Mandatory overtime may be required.

Desired Minimum Qualifications:
• Knowledge of die correcting normally acquired through one (1) year of experience in similar position. Previous experience welding and machining correcting dies required.
• Previous experience operating a forklift and/or overhead crane.
• Ability to read, count and accurately measure is required.
• Ability to read die prints.
• Ability to communicate orally and in writing.
• Previous data entry experience desired.
• Previous experience with small hand tools is beneficial. 
• Ability to work in a team or independently.

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