Job Description

Design Engineer  (#7801) - California
Industry: Precast & Prestressed Concrete


Design precast and prestressed beams, columns, double-tees, wall panels and slab to sustain winds, seismic and gravity loads.

Analyze and design welded and bolt connections, review subcontractor submission including plan checks, and prepare calculations for stripping, transportation, and erection.

Set up the Engineering/Drafting department.

Set up the Quality Control department based on PCIs guidelines.

Perform regular QC checks on products being cast.

Work closely with Architects, Engineers, and drafters on individual projects for timely completion of submittal drawings.




Masters Degree in Civil Engineering, or equiv. OR Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering, or equiv. plus 5 years progressive experience in commercial building design.


PE Preferred but EIT Candidates with industry experience will be considered as well.


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