Job Description

Corporate Engineer  (#9655) - Louisiana
Industry: Design and Construction
Industry: Food Manufacturing
Industry: Transportation and Distribution
Industry: Warehousing and Logistics

In collaboration with other corporate functional areas, will establish and maintain refrigeration specifications, standards and other technical information.


JOB TITLE: Corporate Engineer (Reports to VP Operations) 
TYPE OF POSITION: Full-Time (Hours fluctuate)



  • In collaboration with other corporate functional areas, will establish and maintain refrigeration specifications, standards, and other technical information.
  • Review internal/external designs and layouts before release for bidding or construction.
  • Will act as the company's representative when an outside engineering firm is performing refrigeration design work.
  • Provide ammonia refrigeration design for new projects, evaluate existing ammonia refrigeration systems, and recommend changes or additions as deemed.
  • Responsible to prepare/supervise the preparation of complete ammonia refrigeration specifications and standards including innovative technologies to improve sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Review of documents and drawings for bidding and construction purposes.
  • Analyzing vendor submitted proposals and construction bids to recommend the successful bidder are a key element of this position.
  • Assist and provide onsite guidance in troubleshooting refrigeration related issues within our facilities.
  • Maintain current project knowledge concerning budget, schedule, risks, and all pressing project related issues.
  • Communicates and interacts with customers, colleagues, vendors, division leaders, and upper management in a professional and constructive manner in all circumstances.
  • Able to complete all facility engineering.


  • Good Communication Skills
  • Capable of Handling Wide Variety of Tools and Equipment
  • Capable of climbing and Working at Elevated Heights
  • Basic Understanding of Electricity
  • Capable of responding to emergencies 24 hours a day
  • Some Welding Experience
  • Proven Leader
  • Trainer
  • Level Headed



Engineering Degree and/or Science Degree
Certification in Ammonia Engineering


Minimum 8+ years engineering/project management experience within the industrial engineering field required.
5+ year's Ammonia refrigeration system design experience preferred.


Knowledge and use of computer programs, spreadsheet, database and scheduling programs.
Microsoft exposure preferred.


Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Capable of working on multi-faceted ammonia refrigeration projects of any magnitude while requiring limited supervision.
Demonstrated repeated ability to complete complex refrigeration projects on time and on budget.
Familiarity with a variety of project management and engineering discipline concepts, practices, and procedures.


Oversee 4 locations of Engineering and Maintenance Personnel, Including future work sites.


Frequent travel is involved 30 - 40%.
Louisiana, Texas, and South Carolina Primarily, but not limited to.


Key Responsibilities Include:
  • Staffing
  • Employee Development
  • Maintenance of the facility and equipment
  • Safety, security, housekeeping and sanitation programs
  • Mindful of the Warehouse Budget
  • Record Keeping and Reporting

Operations: Develops and implements a preventative maintenance (PM) program for all equipment and facilities that will minimize disruptions in warehouse operations and ensures the maximum useful life of equipment. Verifies all material handling equipment PM activities, making sure all equipment is serviced as required, and provides maintenance to building and grounds and special projects as required. Tours the warehouse on a regular basis, not less than weekly, to assure building and equipment are safe and ready to operate, and makes recommendations to the Chief Engineer and Warehouse Manager on programs to improve the maintenance function.

Labor Management: Directs the maintenance workforce to achieve desired results. Assigns and follows up on all maintenance projects given to the workforce to ensure quality and timely completion. Establishes, in conjunction with the Cooperate Engineer and Warehouse Manager, priorities for completing projects and special assignments. Develops and maintains a productive workforce by creating programs for hiring, training and professional development. Applies sound communication and motivational techniques, create a program to supervise, counsel and discipline subordinates, and implements an appropriate evaluation system for recommending promotions or terminations. Meets weekly with his staff to review weekly results and discuss and resolve problems encountered.

Safety, Sanitation, and Security: Promotes equipment safety and develops programs to respond to unexpected or emergency situations. Enforces established safety, health, stock rotation, contamination, and housekeeping policies and procedures in order to minimize staff injuries, lost production time, damage and contamination of product, and assists in the monitoring and enforcement of the security system.

Building & Maintenance: Performs preventative maintenance (PM) programs for all aspects of the refrigeration system. Also directs teardowns, as well as the reassembly of all engine room components. Maintenance building, electrical systems, as well as heating and cooling equipment. Also performs maintenance or general carpentry to items such as doors, floors, docks, dock levelers, overhead doors, freezer doors, roof, downspouts, product racks, and so forth.

Inventory Management: Ensure current and accurate inventory control for each account, and institutes immediate corrective action in the event of an inventory discrepancy of refrigeration equipment, supplies, and tools.

Purchasing: Assists in purchasing parts and supplies necessary to perform required maintenance, obtaining a minimum of three quotes for high dollar items, and follows up on any maintenance contracts with outside vendors.

Budgeting: Develops and manages a system of controls to ensure that service levels and operational performance goals are met with prescribed cost, revenue and profit parameters for all Refrigeration and Maintenance functions.

Housekeeping: Creates and manages programs to keep tools and equipment in designated areas: schedules cleaning of equipment with Chief Engineer, stores product in a neat and efficient manner, and assures compliance with appropriate government regulations.

Reporting: Assists in the development and implementation of a reporting system for tracking building and equipment repairs and monitoring the preventative maintenance program. Completes required reports when maintenance is complete.

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