Batch Plant Operator

  (#9530) - Long Island, NY
Industry: Wet and Dry Cast

Position is responsible for the set up and tear down, operation, maintenance and record keeping of concrete batch plant.


Concrete Batch Plant Operator

Job Description

Position is responsible for the set up and tear down, operation, maintenance and record keeping of  concrete batch plant.  Operates concrete plant to batch.  Manage controls to heat, weigh and mix aggregate, cement, and water to produce concrete that conforms to processing specifications. May require the ability to repair machinery, using hand tools, power tools, and welding equipment.

Job Duties

Oversee all plant operations; coordinate and monitor daily work load throughout the plant; monitor plant cleanliness.

Oversee all maintenance and mobilizing of the concrete batch plant.

Ensure that all products meet 100% total quality requirements; take samples and test as necessary; ensure all equipment is working properly; complete all required reports timely and accurately; inform proper personnel of any quality problems that need resolving.

Ensure all vehicles and equipment continually remain in safe and efficient operating condition; monitor all preventative and regular maintenance on vehicles and equipment. Maintain adequate levels of all supplies and products.

Maintain accurate and current reports as required.

Ensure that all company safety regulations and policies are followed at ALL times.

Ensure that all company environmental regulations and policies are followed.

Required Skills

Thorough knowledge of all aspects of concrete batching technology, equipment, methods and safety is required.

Working computer knowledge; including applicable Microsoft software.

Candidate must have excellent communication and organizational skills.

Must be able to handle multiple task in a fast paced environment.

Required Experience

A high school diploma or equivalent.

Candidate must have a minimum 3 to 5 years concrete batching experience in Precast

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