Aluminum extrusion manager

  (#10857) - MI
Industry: Aluminum

An aluminum extrusion plant is looking for an experienced extrusion department manager.


Will report to the plant manager*


  • Responsible for new hires/interviews, training, and supporting overall safety and production goals of extrusion department
  • Oversee and assist with new press equipment installation
  • Train press crews on proper safety
  • Hold regular production meetings to review production goals
  • Confer with other department heads when needed
  • Ensures product meets quality and customer standards

Job Requirements:

  • Must have a minimum of 5+ years of prior aluminum extrusion management experience
  • Well trained in production, scheduling, and operation and troubleshooting of aluminum extrusion presses
  • Capable of leading and managing multiple press crews
  • Strong knowledge of lean manufacturing concepts and applying continuous improvement initiatives
  • High school diploma at minimum, post secondary education preferred
  • Capable of working in a fast paced work environment
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