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John Wright has been trusted by the most respected Foundries in the USA and overseas to recruit the brightest of the industry professionals to fulfill their company’s management and technical needs.  John’s endless dedication and ethical approach to recruiting has made him the “go-to recruiter” of the Industry.  His extensive industry knowledge allows for easy understanding of Foundry processes; and he uses that knowledge to seek out top candidates for these positions.  John has successfully filled hundreds of positions in Executive and Operations Management, Plant Management, Melt Supervisors, Tooling Managers, Process and Metallurgical Engineers, Quality Engineers and Managers; as well as Maintenance Managers and Supervisors.

John’s perspective on recruiting in the Foundry Industry:
Our specialized recruiting for the foundry industry has resulted in successful searches and placements in the United States and internationally.  Because we are so specialized, we are able to keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the foundry industry and build a network of foundry specific candidates.  When a client asks us to find a metallurgical engineer with experience in heavy section castings of ductile iron in nobake molding, we know where these people are and that is the type of candidate we present to the client.  To coin a phrase – “we know where the bodies are buried.”

How focused and specific can we be?  Here’s an example…we have successfully completed multiple searches for both product and process engineers with experience in single crystal solidification of investment castings. No matter what your specialty is within the foundry industry, we can find the right person to fit the position.  We can do it quickly and confidentially.  We will save you the time and resources in reviewing countless resumes of unqualified candidates.  We will satisfy your need for qualified foundry personnel.

Whether you are trying to fill a position, or looking for a new opportunity, United Employment Group can help you achieve results in your search.

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